Healing From Pregnancy Loss through Helping Others

Sharna Southan-Owner of The Institute of Healing through Pregnancy Loss

Sharna Southan Is our guest speaker on the podcast tonight. She resides in Australia however, like many women around the world she is 1 in 4. Sharna suffered from infertility for 5 years before conceiving their first child. They had a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks which resulted in a D&C. 

She decided that before she got pregnant again, she needed to make sure her physical mental and emotional health was in line with where she wanted it to be in case another loss took place but also so that she could enjoy any new pregnancy and not associate it with the bad memories of the previous pregnancy.

She said “5 months after my loss, I fell pregnant with my rainbow. It was reserved happiness, but I was still able to bond with my little one and thoroughly enjoy the pregnancy.”

During her pregnancy, even with the time, she took beforehand to get her mental-emotional, and physical health in order, she still dealt with a lot of fear and anxiety. “I had done a lot of work on my mental and emotional health but still it would grip me in its vices. I had to talk myself down a lot and rationalize the fear and anxiety,” she said. 

This experience along with the realization that there was a huge lack of support for angel moms in her area helped inspire her to create the Institute of Healing through Pregnancy Loss.  By creating the institute, she was not only able to help continue her healing but also help others heal as well.  This Institute also grew into another program specifically geared towards practitioners.

“I hope that if the pregnancy loss practitioner program is taken up by doctors and nurses, they can create a space and understanding loss parents need in their grieving while in the hospital. That they can get an insight into what it is the parents are navigating and that they don’t dismiss their heartache and pain and ultimately have a better bedside manner when treating bereaved parents,” she said.

Sometimes healing comes from within, from talking to others, counseling, or working through it with a significant other. Other times, helping others by sharing your experience and empathizing with them can help them heal and help the one that is sharing heal. Knowing that they are not alone is the best gift anyone can give to someone suffering from a loss.

Check Out Sharna on social media

https://www.facebook.com/groups/angelmumanddadcommunity -Support community

https://www.facebook.com/instituteofhealingthroughpregnancyloss-Facebook page

https://www.instagram.com/instituteofhealing_pl/  -Instagram


You can also subscribe to her newsletter https://sharna-southan.mykajabi.com/pl/2147578129 

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