Melanie and Steven Sane share their story of loss and hope.

Melanie Sane Expecting Rainbow baby 2022 @Reflections by Luna

There are many organizations out there to help moms/families with the grieving and healing process after a loss. Never Lay me Down to Sleep is one of those organizations that provide photography to grieving parents who will not be able to leave with their baby. Another organization that provides help, healing, and support is Rachel’s Gift. It was founded by a mom who lost her baby after a car accident at 8 months pregnant.  Organizations like these reach out to parents like Melanie and Steven Sane to provide them with hope, healing, and memories after their loss. Melanie and Steven have shared their story of loss. They experienced two miscarriages before getting their rainbow baby.

Their story starts at their covid wedding in April 2020. Melanie says “Steven and I got married in a small ceremony on April 2nd,2020 then again for our big ceremony on August 15, 2020. We enjoy taking adventures together in nature. We have hiked various parks in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina.”

Melanie Sane Expecting Rainbow baby 2022 @Reflections by Luna

Their miscarriages as well as some other trials all took place during their first year of marriage. “Steven and I went through a lot our first year of marriage. Beginning with a 12-week miscarriage on July 15, 2020, an accidental internal chemical burn occurred on December 10, 2020, which left Steven in the hospital for weeks off and on,” she said. “A 6-week miscarriage December 25th, 2020, and finally getting steven the care he needed to open his airway and esophagus in April 2021.”

Melanie and husband Steven Sane Celebrating their rainbow baby @reflections by luna

It was discovered after blood tests that “the reason for my two miscarriages could be from low levels of progesterone which had caused the babies not to be able to attach properly to my uterus,” she explained.

Rachel’s Gift is an organization that provides help and support not only to the moms/families who are going through a loss but also provides education and training to the nurses at the hospitals and doctor’s offices, so they know how to help and support those families as well.

Lori Beth, founder of Rachel’s gift explains the goals of Rachel’s gift:

Lori Beth founder of Rachel’s Gift Podcast episode 2

To listen to the rest of the podcast, check out Rainbow Babies Unite Podcast Season 1 Episode 2: Rachel’s gift, where she shares more of the story of her loss, why she founded Rachel’s gift, and how it helps families. She also talks about Angel dash which is their annual fundraiser that is happening this Saturday, October 15, 2022, which is also National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

Providing the training to nurses so that they can help families who come into the hospital or doctor’s office and receive that heartbreaking news is an amazing thing for Rachel’s Gift to take on. It helps so many start on the journey to grieving their loss and healing and preparing for the future.

Lori Beth founder of Rachel’s Gift Podcast episode 2

During the year 2021, they took time away from trying to get pregnant. Steven was still healing, and the two losses were still fresh for both. They decided to start trying again in December 2021 and discovered they were pregnant with their rainbow in January 2022.  “Though we were excited about this pregnancy,” she said. We were also very cautious to not get too excited. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my doctor, and she began me on a progesterone supplement. Thanks to God’s grace and modern medicine/progesterone. I have been able to sustain this rainbow pregnancy and hope to meet this rainbow baby in September 2022!”

Like many women, Melanie suffered from some anxiety and depression during her rainbow pregnancy. “The hardest part of this rainbow pregnancy is the constant what-if thoughts,” Melanie said. “I suffered from anxiety and depression for years before ever becoming pregnant. One positivity from that is I was already on anti-depressants which I felt helped my mental recovery after the two complete miscarriages in 2020. My husband has been extremely helpful in helping me stay positive through this pregnancy.”

One of the things that Rachel’s gift offers is the ability to follow up with the family after a loss. They follow up off and on for the first year and then the family can sign up for continuous follow-ups if they desire. They also provide mental health support recommendations to the family and help them prepare for any future pregnancies. They also have virtual support groups for women, men and couples.

There are many other organizations like Rachel’s gift and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep that helps provide support for those who are going through or have gone through Pregnancy/Infant loss or infertility. Most hospitals and clinics should have a list of resources for support.

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