About Me-Journalist, Creative Storyteller, 1 in 4

Welcome to my pregnancy, infant loss and infertility support site. My goal is to help raise awareness of these taboo topics and break the silence. This site will provide not only resources to those going through pregnancy and infant loss or infertility but also will be a site to raise hope by sharing stories of those who have overcome the storm and received their rainbow whether by natural methods, IVF or adoption. These stories will also provide healing for both the family sharing and those reading the stories. Check out the latest stories below!

Sariah Luna Photographer and Story Teller-Photo Credit:Angie’s Perspective Photography

I am passionate about raising awareness of pregnancy infant loss & infertility because I have been there. I have experienced late term pregnancy loss (infant born sleeping at 20 Wks). I watched my mom deal with infertility until my sisters were born (over 9 years) and I know several women/families who have experienced all of the above. Our voices need to be heard.

My stories will include women/families from all backgrounds that have experienced pregnancy/infant loss and/or infertility. The goal of these stories is to raise awareness of how often this actually occurs, educate those who haven’t experienced it on how to help those who have experienced it, & to let those who have gone through it, are going through it or will go through this that they are not alone and that it is not their fault.

I want to share as many stories as I can about those who have gone through this. I also plan on including background information as well as resources for those who want to learn more about infant/pregnancy loss or infertility. I will be forming an online support group for those who have gone through this along with their families.

To read more about me and my story of loss click here

To read more about me and my photography click here

Get in touch

Sariah is always available to help with support and resources or to help others share their story. Please feel free to reach out.

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