Mission and values

My Code of Conduct

I wish to be transparent about how I create content and my compensation. 

Journalism Ethics

I follow the general rules of journalism ethics but I do want to stress following: 

  • I strive to be open, independent, critical – also towards myself – and to avoid hidden agendas. 
  • I always try to use facts as fairly and accurate as possible.  
  • I try to write my blog as balanced as possible and not to make too sensational headlines so my content lives up the promise in the headline.
  • I acknowledge the individual’s rights to be respected personally and maintain their privacy. 
  • I make sure that the sources, who wish to be anonymous, are anonymous – also after the content is publicized – as long as I know the true identity of the person and the motives behind the wish to be anonymous. 


I credit my sources by their names and when possibly a direct link or retweet to their commentary. In other words; I don’t plagiarize. I do not use other’s work and pretend it is my own. I declare my sources and explain who they are and what they do for a living, so it is easier to judge my sources motives.


I am the owner and photographer at Reflection by Luna Photography. The documentaries I do are free of cost. Some may purchase photography sessions from me and then share their story but I am not paid in anyway to share the story.

No one pays me to say – or not say – certain things on my blog or other media platforms – be they words, sound, pictures or video.